Set an Intention for your Wellness Business

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OK, I’m going to get real with you here. Being asked to set an intention at the beginning of my yoga practice has always kind of created a little frenzy in my mind.

“Oh no, what should my intention be today? I gotta make this one count… I’ll keep coming back to it throughout my practice and then take it with me into every day life… What is the most purposeful destination for my mind to arrive at and meditate on right now?…. What will I really grow from today? ….. Nope too late, time to start class, other things to focus on, ok let’s go with ‘Be Present’ and move on.”

Snap to 75 minutes later when I’m laying in Savasana (trying not to think) thinking,

“Oh ya, totally forgot about my intention until now. Damnit. What was it again? I probably could have used that at some point.”


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I bring this up because I think it is pretty common to go through the same kind of process with starting a wellness business.  You know what you want to do, so you press forward without any clarity around your objective. You post to Instagram… you set up a Facebook page… you email your network… but as you are going through the motions, you have nothing to come back to to remind you what you are working toward, who you are speaking to and what you want to say. This is going to be an issue for both you and your audience. When your message is vague going out, your audience is going to be unclear about what you offer and why they should listen to you.

So if you have found yourself laying in the hypothetical Savasana I described above, wondering what in the world just happened with all of your efforts, DON’T WORRY! I have something that can get you back on track! I created a worksheet to help give you a fresh and organized perspective on sorting through your business goals and establishing purposeful direction so that you can best speak to your audience and build your brand.

Question #1: What would your business goals look like if you knew for certain you would achieve them?

Download the Business Intention Worksheet below to continue on!
Use it as a guide and make it your own!

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